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The Importance of the “Click”

It is the “Click” that moves the masses from one place to another on the web. Be clicked or you and your great blog, news article, product, service, business or organization stand like a temple lost in the desert that no one knows how to get to.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your content is. If people aren’t specifically directed to great places, concepts and products they simply won’t arrive. Getting clicks demands something more than waiting for them to come to you.

And that is what Clickug is meant for…to take control of the online process by choosing to actively go after your audience so they see all you have to offer

Instead of passively hoping for activity, Clickug puts the tools for online communication in your hands and shows you how they work. You could easily spend a huge sum of money hiring an agency or a new employee to do the work of disseminating your message on the web. But with Clickug’s tools you can do it yourself easily and effectively.

toolkit for online communication is fundamental and requires something a little more advanced than what you find in a shed. It consists of the following essential technologies designed to make you more clickable, to engage your communities and boost sales:

  • Online publishing tools with featured newsroom—If you want attention you have to create great content as any web expert could tell you, but you also need a place to put it and a way to distribute it. Clickug offers both of those features with professional distribution to news sources like Google News and Bing News, and your own newsroom to highlight your publications. See how the company, Octilus, has published their news
  • Social management tools—People are talking. They might even be talking about you and unless you are listening you are missing opportunities to engage your premium followers. Monitor the social networks from one place and see what people are saying. Something interesting? Share that content across your own social networks to an unlimited number of profiles simultaneously. See what Clickug’s CEO, Christian Castresana, has been sharing across the networks.
  • Analytics—There is no need to be intimidated about the task of measuring your impact. Clickug makes it easy and intuitive. For instance, see the reach of a news article or a blog post on a world or country map, or check out from where on the web people are coming to your content. Sigma Games’s sharing of a link delivered these impressive results:
  • Customized short links—This is what people click on. If you are expecting people to click on a long, complicated link that doesn’t even make any coherent sense, you would be surprised to see the effect of a short, compact link that you can customize the way you want to deliver the message you intend.  See how to do it here.
  • Unlimited microsites—A tool for those looking to draw attention to their service, business, or organization. Simply fill out the necessary items and your own webpage is automatically created. That’s an easy method for building a profile and maintaining presence on the web. Click here to view an example of the kind of web page you can create for a business and its products.
  • Use the extension if you don’t want to stay in one place or be tied to a specific network. Save, organize and share across networks while you surf the web. It allows you to discover great content and keep it. You create a quick, customized link connecting you to that content that you can then place in categories and subcategories on your profile. Whether right then or for later you can share to different social networks using various accounts without being tied to any one site. This extension will save you time!

Clickug is a set of tools and also an open, socially interactive place to utilize them. Discover, interact and collaborate with others on Clickug’s social network. So long as the privacy options are not enacted the content you are trying to promote and publicize will be featured on Clickug’s network too and so will the content coming from the rest of the community. Discover the great content ideas of others, leave a comment, add it to your collection, or share it again on your other social networks. The tools are not utilized in isolation, but always in connection to other communicators and aspiring click generators.

It is the fully-equipped, social platform for your online communication efforts. 


Look at how the Spanish television producer, El Terrat has made an impact using Clickug:

  • They have utilized fully customized links as a marketing call to action to promote music with links like this one
  • They save and organize their social media content into more than 43 different categories and subcategories, content that exists on our network and that can be reutilized and reshared to the network they want.
  • With over 138 customized short links pointing to their best content they have attracted more than 34,000 total clicks.


The popular Spanish television program, Salvados, also takes advantage of Clickug to engage with their following:

  • Using Clickug’s link customization tool Salvados created this link to publicize an interview. With the social management tools it was disseminated in the social media generating over 45,000 clicks.
  • This link by Salvados is trackable using Clickug’s analytic tools enabling their communication department to see on a world or a country map precisely where their following is located and the reach of their social networks. You can see what they see:
  • With their communication efforts coming from one place they know the total impact they have made with their customized links and social media efforts at over 138,000 clicks.

More effort utilizing communication tools makes for more clicks. Clickug is a place that you can come to in order to utilize tools that will drive you more clicks on your blogs, news articles, social media content, services and products, and that will drive traffic and sales to your business or organization.

Do you need a click?

Sign up now for Clickug! And for extra features activate the Clickug Pro Free Trial for 30 days…

La forma como descubrimos y compartimos contenidos está cambiando

El contenido compartido en Internet ha evolucionado de forma exponencial en los últimos años. Un pensamiento, un interés, una idea solía impactar, para la mayoría de la gente, a las personas de su entorno. Ahora estamos inmersos en un mundo en línea donde nuestro interés se dispersa de forma instantánea a nuestros seguidores en las redes sociales. Nunca hemos tenido tanta capacidad para algo tan básico y humano como compartir nuestra vida con otros.


Las formas como compartimos continuarán evolucionando. Pero a medida que las nuevas herramientas y servicios en línea nos han conectado, sus consecuencias indirectas han arrojado algunos retos difíciles:

- Existe un océano de contenido producido por multitudes y necesitamos soluciones para organizar mejor toda esa información, soluciones que nos lleven al contenido que es relevante e importante para nosotros.
- El pegamento que mantiene Internet junto son sus enlaces y cuando compartimos tenemos que ser capaces de comunicar nuestros intereses con claridad y eficacia. Los enlaces interminables o los que se acortan a un fragmento sin sentido deben ser reemplazados con enlaces que son breves y al mismo tiempo significativos.
- Como nuestro ámbito alcance y nuestros mensajes se han vuelto más complejos debemos tener mejores herramientas para ayudar a entender la eficacia y el impacto de todo lo que compartimos. Esto debería estar completamente integrado en el proceso de compartir y debe poder ser útil tanto para profesionales como para particulares.
- Algunos usuarios activos de los medios de comunicación social, dedican tiempo extraordinario para hacer una contribución significativa a sus comunidades , y para hacer que esta inversión de tiempo sea rentable, la mayoría necesitan una compensación económica. Se necesita una plataforma que divida contenidos comerciales y no comerciales, que una nuestra red de contactos con las empresas y sus necesidades de marketing y publicidad. Este intercambio debe ser sencillo y beneficioso tanto para los que aportan el contenido como para los que lo comparten.

Clickug ( ) ha iniciado un proceso que debe permitir esto a corto y medio plazo. “Decubre” es una plataforma que ayuda a localizar el contenidos más relevante para cada persona, compartirlo de forma atractiva e impactante, analizar el impacto global que el contenido compartido está teniendo, y que pronto dará la posibilidad de ganar dinero por ello.

En Clickug puedes encontrar el contenido que más está impactando cada día. No por el número de veces que se ha compartido, sino por el número de veces que se ha clicado una vez se ha compartido. Pero además, puedes compartirlo en tus redes sociales de una forma nunca antes vista, con enlaces cortos e impactantes que destacan del resto gracias a una personalidad propia que les permite obtener más clics y que, a medida que los compartes, podrás descubrir el alcance real del cómo y dónde se dispersan. Por último, si además de disfrutar del proceso de compartir quieres tener una compensación monetaria por ello, pronto será tan fácil como hacer clic en el producto o servicio que desea promocionar con tu comunidad.

Clickug está evolucionando para transformar nuestra visión de “wonderful sharing” en un proceso muy especial que nunca se ha visto antes y que es beneficioso para todas las partes.

The way we discover and share content is being transformed

Sharing has evolved exponentially.  A thought, an interest, an idea used to be limited for most to those in their immediate surroundings.  Now we are immersed in an online world of social media that channel and convert our interests into content that is dispersed to the reaches of our interconnected communities.  We have never had so much capacity for something so basic and human as sharing ourselves with others.


The ways we share will continue to evolve.  But as new online solutions have connected us, their indirect consequences have thrown up certain difficult challenges:

  1. There is already an ocean of content produced by multitudes and we need solutions to better organize all that information and bring us to the content that is relevant and important to us.
  2. The glue that holds the Internet together are its links and when we share we need to be able to communicate our interests with clarity and efficiency.  Interminably long links or those that are shortened to a meaningless fragment need to be replaced with links that are short and meaningful.
  3. As our reach and message have grown more complex we should have better tools to help us understand how effective our sharing effort actually is.  This should be effortlessly interwoven into the process of sharing.
  4. Some active users of the social media devote extraordinary time to make a significant contribution to their communities, and to make this investment of time happen some ask for financial compensation.  A platform is needed that divides commercial and non-commercial sectors, but that puts individuals with their networks into contact with businesses and their need for publicity.  This exchange should be as smooth as it is mutually beneficial.

Clickug ( is a new place now with a new platform that addresses these challenges.  A seamless integration of discovery, sharing, analysis, and soon the possibility of being compensated for it.

Already you can find engaging trending content by number of clicks that is presented with a clean visual appeal.  Share it on any social network using short links that actually have personality and stand out and drive more clicks on that content.  In the same action check how your link is actually spreading over the Internet to know better your true impact.  Finally, if you want to enjoy the process of sharing and win money doing it, it will soon be as easy as clicking on the product or service you want to endorse and sharing the news with your community.  It will be an exchange that is simple and secure.

Clickug is evolving so you can share like this.  It is our vision of “wonderful sharing”.

Crea “enlaces vestidos” desde cualquier página que visites y permite que otros lo hagan desde tu web o blog

Clickug es una herramienta gratuita de marketing que facilita a usuarios y webmasters la obtención de más visitas gracias al uso de enlaces cortos y totalmente descriptivos

(Barcelona, 15 de enero de 2014) – ( acaba de lanzar su bookmarklet para  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer y Safari. La herramienta permite al usuario crear enlaces totalmente personalizados, desde cualquier página web en la que se encuentre, y sin tener que visitar Tan solo debe arrastrar el icono visible en la parte superior de la portada y soltarlo en la barra de marcadores/favoritos del navegador. De esta forma, cuando clicamos sobre el mismo, interpreta que queremos crear un enlace descriptivo que apunte a la página que estamos visitando.

En este segundo mes de vida, Clickug pone también a disposición de los webmasters y bloggers un botón (widget) para incorporar a su página web, que permite a cualquier lector compartir los contenidos del sitio de una forma novedosa e impactante, con enlaces cortos y totalmente personalizados. El botón, que se puede usar de forma gratuita, se activa fácilmente y al instante copiando unas líneas de código en la web o blog. El propietario de la página puede escoger entre dos tamaños y la palabra que quiere que aparezca en el dominio corto al pulsar sobre él, si bien esto último es opcional. Si no lo hace, es el usuario el que decidirá entre las más de 2.000 palabras que Clickug pone a su disposición para construir su enlace descriptivo.

En ambos casos, una vez creado el enlace, se puede compartir al instante, desde la misma página, en las principales redes sociales o por correo electrónico. El usuario dispone de estadísticas gratis a las que puede acceder desde su cuenta o añadiendo un signo más “+” al final del enlace corto. Y si quiere más detalles, puede disfrutar de estadísticas completas durante 30 días y sin compromiso registrándose a través de este enlace:

Clickug se lanzó en fase beta el pasado mes de diciembre en español, catalán e inglés. El servicio permite al usuario transformar cualquier enlace largo y sin significado en otro corto y  descriptivo con un alto atractivo visual que genera más clics. Este proceso se denomina “vestir el enlace”. El nuevo link está compuesto por un dominio genérico seguido de un código aleatorio ( o de una personalización asignada por el usuario (

Acerca de Clickug

Clickug es el primer acortador de URLs que permite crear  enlaces totalmente personalizados a partir de una cartera de más de 2.000 dominios. La empresa está ubicada en las instalaciones de Barcelona Activa, una de las aceleradoras de start-ups de base tecnológica de mayor prestigio en Europa.

Más información:



Create “dressed links” from any page you visit and allow others to do so from your website or blog

Clickug is a free marketing tool that helps users and webmasters obtain more visits through the use of short and fully descriptive links

(Barcelona, January 15, 2014) – ( just released their bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The tool allows the user to create fully personalized links from any web page they are browsing, without having to visit One only has to drag the icon visible on top of the homepage and drop it onto the bookmarks or favorites bar of the browser. In this way, when the user clicks on the bookmark, they can create a descriptive link pointing to the page they are visiting.

In its second month of activity, Clickug has also made available to webmasters and bloggers a button (widget) to incorporate into their web page.  It allows any reader to share the site’s content in a new and powerful way with short and fully personalized links. The button, which can be used for free, activates easily and instantly ( by copying a few lines of code in the website or blog. The owner of the page can choose between two sizes, and the option to select the default word they want to appear as the domain. Otherwise, it is the user who will decide between the more than 2,000 words Clickug offers to create descriptive links.

In the case of both the bookmarklet and the button, once you create the link you can instantly share it from the same page on the main social networks or by email. The user also has free statistics that can be accessed from their account or by adding a plus sign “+” at the end of the short link. And if more detail is needed, one can enjoy full stats for 30 days without commitment by registering through this link:

Clickug launched in beta last month in English, Spanish and Catalan.  The service allows the user to transform any long and meaningless link into another one that is short and descriptive with high visual appeal that generates more clicks. This process is called “Link Dressing”. The new link is composed of a generic domain followed by a random code ( or a personalization assigned by the user (

About Clickug

Clickug ( is the first URL shortener that allows you to create fully personalized links from a list of over 2000 domains.  The company is located in the facilities of Barcelona Activa, one of the most prestigious accelerators in Europe for innovative technology start-ups.

More information:



What happened to our links?

Sharing is supposed to be wonderful, and yet unattractive meaningless links are spreading throughout the online world.  The option is either sharing an interminably long URL or shortening it to a senseless fragment.  We’ve been left with links that do nothing more than redirect and tell us little about the content to which it is pointing or the results it generates. 

This is not a system adapted to our passion for sharing good content in a clean and efficient way.  In the communities we belong to and shape we should be able to create impressive links that deliver a message about what the link contains.  A link that screams, “click me” instead of making people think, “Why should I click here?”.

Clickug ( is one new service that is redeeming the valued position links should have for daily sharing rather than the strictly utilitarian role they’ve been assigned.  Making links say something more meaningful so communities will click on and engage content that stands out.

This is the new direction sharing should go.

Top 100 Blog on Technology believes Clickug is “Cool”

The blog, shared with their nearly 500,000 subscribers the benefits of Clickug in the latest edition of “Cool Websites & Tools”.  Clickug has been certified from the very top of the Internet trend setters to be a service worth using. After enjoying mass media publications all over Catalonia and Spain, Clickug’s revolutionary link creation tool is now making itself known across the English speaking world.  Read the article here:



Can’t find your domain? Suggest it or request it!

Clickug is like a huge supermarket of domains in which any Internet user can make attractive links with highly valued keywords and without having to pay for each domain. We open the world to a free collection of more than 2,000 generic domains that are relevant and eye catching for individual and professional use.

To start, you can find the domains or keywords in one of three languages​​: Spanish, Catalan and English. In the future the list of languages ​​will be extended and the range of available domains will only increase. But what if you urgently need a specific domain that we do not yet have available?

blog domain pic

Clickug offers you the possibility to “suggest” keywords corresponding to domains that are not yet offered. We will seriously consider your suggestion according to the criteria of its general usefulness and if we like your suggestion we will create it for you for free.

But it is also possible to “request” a domain if you cannot wait and must have it. This option is guaranteed and just means paying for the dressed link with the domain you have requested.

There are domains for everybody and below are some examples that could suit your needs:

• Actions: add, affiliate, buy, chat, check, contact, find, listen, watch, pay, read, register, see, signup, travel, vote, watch, work , …

• Content: audio, directory, images, maps, news, fashion, finance, internet, lifestyle, photo, politics, science, society, technology, video, weather, world, …

• Emotions : bad, boring, crazy, cool, great, easy, funny, good, sexy, …

• Countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, …

• Cities: Beijing, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Boston, Dubai, London, Moscow, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, …

• Economic sectors: agriculture, defense, ecommerce, education, environment, finance, gambling, health, internet, leisure, entertainment, marketing, services, jobs, legal, commercial, …

• ECommerce: auction, buy, classifieds, deals, coupons, discounts, free, promotion, sale, shop, subscribe, …

• Professions : architect, lawyer, chef, consultant, dentist, detective, doctor, engineer, journalist, lawyer, translator, …

• Proper names : Adam, Amber, Andrew, Anthony, Ashley, Brian, Charles, David, Elizabeth, Jason, John, Laura, Luke, Marc, Matthew, Michelle, Sarah, Scott, Timothy, Zachary

And finally, do not forget that thanks to the endless possibilities of customizing our links, only your imagination and creativity mark the limit of what you can create! Note that you can play with the personalization using the free characters before or after the bar! For example, you can make links like this: