The way we discover and share content is being transformed

Sharing has evolved exponentially.  A thought, an interest, an idea used to be limited for most to those in their immediate surroundings.  Now we are immersed in an online world of social media that channel and convert our interests into content that is dispersed to the reaches of our interconnected communities.  We have never had so much capacity for something so basic and human as sharing ourselves with others.


The ways we share will continue to evolve.  But as new online solutions have connected us, their indirect consequences have thrown up certain difficult challenges:

  1. There is already an ocean of content produced by multitudes and we need solutions to better organize all that information and bring us to the content that is relevant and important to us.
  2. The glue that holds the Internet together are its links and when we share we need to be able to communicate our interests with clarity and efficiency.  Interminably long links or those that are shortened to a meaningless fragment need to be replaced with links that are short and meaningful.
  3. As our reach and message have grown more complex we should have better tools to help us understand how effective our sharing effort actually is.  This should be effortlessly interwoven into the process of sharing.
  4. Some active users of the social media devote extraordinary time to make a significant contribution to their communities, and to make this investment of time happen some ask for financial compensation.  A platform is needed that divides commercial and non-commercial sectors, but that puts individuals with their networks into contact with businesses and their need for publicity.  This exchange should be as smooth as it is mutually beneficial.

Clickug ( is a new place now with a new platform that addresses these challenges.  A seamless integration of discovery, sharing, analysis, and soon the possibility of being compensated for it.

Already you can find engaging trending content by number of clicks that is presented with a clean visual appeal.  Share it on any social network using short links that actually have personality and stand out and drive more clicks on that content.  In the same action check how your link is actually spreading over the Internet to know better your true impact.  Finally, if you want to enjoy the process of sharing and win money doing it, it will soon be as easy as clicking on the product or service you want to endorse and sharing the news with your community.  It will be an exchange that is simple and secure.

Clickug is evolving so you can share like this.  It is our vision of “wonderful sharing”.

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