Create “dressed links” from any page you visit and allow others to do so from your website or blog

Clickug is a free marketing tool that helps users and webmasters obtain more visits through the use of short and fully descriptive links

(Barcelona, January 15, 2014) – ( just released their bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The tool allows the user to create fully personalized links from any web page they are browsing, without having to visit One only has to drag the icon visible on top of the homepage and drop it onto the bookmarks or favorites bar of the browser. In this way, when the user clicks on the bookmark, they can create a descriptive link pointing to the page they are visiting.

In its second month of activity, Clickug has also made available to webmasters and bloggers a button (widget) to incorporate into their web page.  It allows any reader to share the site’s content in a new and powerful way with short and fully personalized links. The button, which can be used for free, activates easily and instantly ( by copying a few lines of code in the website or blog. The owner of the page can choose between two sizes, and the option to select the default word they want to appear as the domain. Otherwise, it is the user who will decide between the more than 2,000 words Clickug offers to create descriptive links.

In the case of both the bookmarklet and the button, once you create the link you can instantly share it from the same page on the main social networks or by email. The user also has free statistics that can be accessed from their account or by adding a plus sign “+” at the end of the short link. And if more detail is needed, one can enjoy full stats for 30 days without commitment by registering through this link:

Clickug launched in beta last month in English, Spanish and Catalan.  The service allows the user to transform any long and meaningless link into another one that is short and descriptive with high visual appeal that generates more clicks. This process is called “Link Dressing”. The new link is composed of a generic domain followed by a random code ( or a personalization assigned by the user (

About Clickug

Clickug ( is the first URL shortener that allows you to create fully personalized links from a list of over 2000 domains.  The company is located in the facilities of Barcelona Activa, one of the most prestigious accelerators in Europe for innovative technology start-ups.

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