December Newsletter: Now you can create all your links free whatever their length

Happy New Year!

Clickug is now one month old and we want to introduce to you the improvements we’ve made in recent weeks thanks to comments and suggestions from users like you.


Starting today you can create fully personalized links of any length, FREE. This is including if your personalization is short (for example: Remember that your link can point to any page you want it to, and you can share it on any social network or website.


We have also enabled a more simple and intuitive way to create your links on a single page. There is nothing preventing you from sharing content in an attractive and impressive way.

  1. Paste a destination page.
  2. Select a word for the domain of your short link.
  3. If you want to you can personalize the end (this is optional)
  4. Click the button to create the link.

Create your links FROM THE BROWSER

We have created a “bookmarklet” button that allows you to create attractive links from any page while you are browsing. There is no need to come to the site of Clickug to make links. The bookmarklet is activated instantly.

- Drag the button you’ll find on our home page or in your user account to the bookmarks bar of your browser.

- And you can start to recommend pages with attractive links while you browse. Just click on the new button of your bookmarks bar, and share what you like with your friends, colleagues or clients.

Make the most of CLICKUG

TIP - Do you know how to view the statistics of your links? You just add a plus sign “+” at the end of the link that you have created and the page will display its stats (for example: You can also access statistics from the list of links in your user account and select it from there.

TIP - Did you know that you can change the destination address of your fully personalized links? From your user account go to the page that lists the links you have created, and click on top of the destination URL to modify it. You will have all the history of changes in the same place.

FEATURED LINK from the last month


Help us to improve, we need your feedback!

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