What happened to our links?

Sharing is supposed to be wonderful, and yet unattractive meaningless links are spreading throughout the online world.  The option is either sharing an interminably long URL or shortening it to a senseless fragment.  We’ve been left with links that do nothing more than redirect and tell us little about the content to which it is pointing or the results it generates. 

This is not a system adapted to our passion for sharing good content in a clean and efficient way.  In the communities we belong to and shape we should be able to create impressive links that deliver a message about what the link contains.  A link that screams, “click me” instead of making people think, “Why should I click here?”.

Clickug (https://clickug.com/) is one new service that is redeeming the valued position links should have for daily sharing rather than the strictly utilitarian role they’ve been assigned.  Making links say something more meaningful so communities will click on and engage content that stands out.

This is the new direction sharing should go.

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