Clickug revolutionizes the way of sharing content on the Internet with their “dressed links”

- Allows for the creation of wonderful links with statistics of impact
- Clickug is emerging as the free alternative to the new domains of the Internet
- One in four connected people say they share “everything” or “almost everything” online

(Barcelona , December 3, 2013 ) – Clickug ( introduces today in Internet terminology the concept of “dressed links,” referring to those that are attractive and totally personalized. Sharing content on the web no longer needs to be something mechanical and impersonal having become an action that is creative, distinctive and customizable.

The revolutionary tool, which launches initially in English, Spanish and Catalan will expand to other languages ​​during 2014, allows the user to convert any lengthy link without sense into another that is shorter and personalized. This process is called “Link Dressing” and consists of putting together a generic domain and one or more words that convey together a comprehensible and synthesized message. Ex. |

“Not since the birth of the Internet have users been able to build links perfectly adapted to their needs. And in a society in which, on Facebook alone, people share 4.75 billion pieces of content each day, Clickug marks a turning point that allows individuals and companies from around the world to make their mark on everything they share,” says Christian Castresana, CEO and founder of Clickug.

Domains on demand
Clickug is like a big supermarket of domains. The user can draw from an assortment of more than 2,000 generic terms to build the perfect link for every occasion. If a word is not found it can be suggested in any language without any obligation. The possibilities are endless.

- To share life events: |
- To recommend content: |
- To express an opinion  or feeling: |
- For sale or rent: |
- To personalize or locate a service: | |
- To encourage action: |
- To advertise offers:
http://2× |
- To expand a business: |

In all cases, the text of personalization can be placed either at the beginning or end of the link ( or and once created, it can be shared instantly on social networks, blogs, websites, email, etc., or can be used offline in outdoor advertising, business cards or any other medium.

Types of links and statistics of impact
These new links can be of two types:

1. “Partially dressed” links: They are free, are not personalized after the slash ” / ” , and end with a six-character random code assigned automatically by Clickug. Ex.
2. “Fully dressed” links:  The user places a personalization at the beginning or the end of the link. They can be:
- Free: if the personalization has more than 14 characters. Ex.
- Paid:  9€/year with volume and multiple year discounts for a personalization of 1-14 characters. Ex.ís

The Clickug service is complete with detailed statistics that calculate the activity the links generate through their dispersion on the Internet.  All the free links come with a basic statistics package that can be upgraded annually for $49 (Clickug+) or $99 (Clickug++). The most complete service is already included with all paid links, and in addition all new users have it for free during the first month.

The alternative to the new generic domains (New gTLDs)
During 2014 around 700 new domain extensions will be introduced that intend to expand on the traditional options, such as .com, . net , org, etc .  Among the most requested new extensions are: app, .home, .art, .blog, .book, .shop, .design, .cloud, .hotel, .love, .mail, .news, .store, .web.

Clickug’s attractive links become an alternative to the use of the new domains (New gTLDs), offering several clear advantages:
- They are free. One can create an unlimited number of attractive links.
- One can always request new domains that do not exist.
- They are multilingual so that one can create attractive links in any language.
- They are simple to make and use offering more flexibility for individuals and professionals.
- They come with statistics that show the link’s activity throughout it’s lifetime.

Some interesting facts about Internet use
- The Internet has 2.4 billion users worldwide.
- The Internet is still growing: only 34.3 % of the population is connected (USA 78%, China/Brazil 42% , India 10% || Europe 63,2% , South America 48%, Asia 28%, Africa 16%)
- One in four people in the world say they share “everything” or ” almost everything” online. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia , India and Indonesia are leading with affirmations from more than two out of four people.
- 46% of social network users create their own content and share it with others.
- Facebook has more than 1.3 billion accounts (728 million active users each day) generating daily 10 billion new messages, 4.75 billion pieces of content and 300 million new photos. Each user has an average of 115 friends.
Twitter has over 230 million active users every month who on average generate 500 million tweets a day and have 208 followers each. The current record was set on August 3rd 2013 with 143,199 tweets in one second. The most retweeted message was after the re-election of Barack Obama at 802,624.

Sources (data from 2013)
- Royal Pingdom

About Clickug
Clickug ( is the first service in the world that allows you to create fully personalized links from a list of over 2000 domains that is growing constantly. The project was born in February 2012 thanks to a team of three: Christian Castresana (CEO & Founder), Valentin Rouet (CTO & Co-Founder) and Lucie Burgaud (Consultant & Co-Founder). The development has been made ​​possible by obtaining two rounds of “seed” financing in which 14 people from 4 countries participated. Since May 2013 Clickug is located in the facilities of Barcelona Activa, one of the most prestigious accelerators in Europe for innovative start-ups. Clickug launched to the public on December 3, 2013. The current team is made up of seven people from four different nationalities located in Barcelona, Paris and Mexico City. “Clickug” is a registered trademark of Be Eighty Communication Solutions, S.L.

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